My 25 years of work history is rooted in User Experience Design, Art Direction, Visual design, Research and Team building. My talent and expertise encompasses the know-how to combine creativity, usability and business knowledge resulting in an effective user centered experience for well-known organizations such as

Interval International, Blue Green Vacations, Kerzner International, Mednax, Florida Virtual School, Miami Children Hospital, Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Department of Education Florida, Florida Fish and Wildlife and Seminole Gaming and many more..

How I Work

I am enthusiastic collaborator, talk to and learn from actual users, and work closely with teams. Highly self-motivated and self-driven problem solver. To follow my passion, my personality have adopted few habits which helps me to understand problem and find right solution

  • Understand problem completely

    I follow Einstien famous quote "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"

  • Empathise with users

    Committed to understand and identify with another person's context, emotions, goals, and motivations.

  • Adaptive

    Keep self informed and up-to-date with the latest craze, while also not losing sight of what is truly important.

  • Effective Collaborator

    Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams and play a role of users advocate to communicate ideas clearly and persuasively across different audiences.

  • Open-Minded

    open to new ideas and other points of view . I try to think out of the box and try solutions that are unprecedented

  • Turn complexity into simplicity

    My passion is to make complex things simple and intuitive which are usable, understandable and enjoyable.

My Responsilbilities

  • User Research

    Take guidance from user data and understand business requirements to build user personas and experience map

  • Information Architecture

    Organize information in a clear and logical way out of complex sets of information.

  • Interaction Design

    Articulate interactive concepts and break down abstract problems into simple interactive flows

  • Usability Testing

    Observe users where they encounter problems and experience confusion.

  • Visual Design

    Art direction and visual design to engages users to the correct functionality and prioritizing tasks

My Methods and Deliverables

User Research


Brainstrom sessions to understand business vision and identify the scope of the project

User Research

Conducting research activities such as 1:1 interviews to understand the challenge ahead


Create personas to understand the expectations, concerns and motivations of the users to satisfy their needs.

Experience/Journey Map

Create User journey maps based on observations and user research to understand the pain points and the opportunities for improvements.

Business and user needs infographic

Create infographic to present user needs, business rules and other informations for stakeholders and teams.

Information Architecture

Card Sorting

Facilitating open and closed card sorting sessions with multiple users to understand mental models for content organization and labeling.

Information Design

Translate ideas from card sorting sticky notes into hierarchical information design to understand the screen and flow structure.

Interaction Design


Draw on paper or whiteboard the different ideas that could possibly the solution.

User flows & Scenarios

Define scenarions and wokflows showing steps and interactions towards each goal.


Create high fidelity wires with enough details of layout and functionality.


Create interactive prototype to bring the flows and interactions to life and get my ideas in front of key decision makers and user focus group.

Usability Testing


Run usability tests on prototype to observe users to find mprovements where needed

Visual Design

Art Direction

Provide visual design direction to align with user needs and improve overall experience

Visual Design

Create visual designer with the philosophy of minimalistic design to allow content to define the space, and use contrast to help guide the eye.

UX Design Methodology